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Since its foundation in 2005, PBS has continuously evolved into the leading company in activities such as electric component distribution, enclosures and power distribution, electric project solutions and import & export.

With above 40 members , PBS has set the goal to provide perfect electric solutions to our customer needs.

PBS is a complex entity with multiple organizational departments, each one essential for the achievement of company’s goals.

The internal organizational structure of PBS has been created to offer maximum efficiency of selling, projecting and communication. The various business units operate in a pattern of close collaboration, directing their efforts toward the common goal of creating value for the customer

The PBS sale group supports the profitable growth of the company as an efficient organizational system that follows by three shops in grand market and one shop in west province of Iran.
Products are provided by our own production, Manufacturer, Importing and main suppliers. From the products to the rationalization of stocks and flexibility of inventory flows, guaranteeing the customer the best conditions of use In managing the Supply Chain.

The production unit, featuring high-tech construction doing their very best to go beyond the ordinary to deliver price, quality and performance.
Our enclosures with constant innovation and understanding of your business and our desire to excel at managing your projects have set us apart from other competitors.
With skillful engineers we assemble the most appropriate switch gears and control panels
with the best electric components that have been provided by our own sale group.
Therefore the best price and quality is guaranteed.

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